Host families

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If you cannot afford other accommodation, you can apply for accommodation with a host family. Please register for a host family by mail directly to

We are grateful that every year many citizens of Altötting open their houses and apartments for Forum guests.

Questions and answers

Who can be accommodated in a host family?

The number of host families is limited. Therefore, we would ask you only to apply for a host family if no other accommodation is possible.

There is no guarantee for a host family. The Forum office does its best to provide a host family for all Forum participants who need one.

When will I know which host family is accommodating me?

The sooner you register the higher is your chance of getting a host family. An allocation to a host family is possible only after the payment of the participation fee. An allocation may also take place short-term depending on host family offers.


Do you have any other questions?  Let us know!