Family gyms

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Participants of the International Forum Altötting can also book accommodation in a gym when registering. This, together with the campground, is one of the cheapest options for accommodation.

Questions and answers

How far from the town center are the gyms?

Normally, gyms are available in a less than 15-minute foot-walk-vicinity of the Kapellplatz.

Are men and women housed separately?

No. These are family gyms.

What is the minimum age required for accommodation in a gym?

Families are accommodated in the gyms. Children and teens can stay there only with their parents.

When are the gyms open?

The gyms open after the evening programme and remain open until shortly before breakfast. An additional opening time is usually offered in the afternoon.

Which sanitary facilities are available in the gyms?

All overnight gyms have toilets and showers.

Is there electricity?

As a rule, individual sockets are available in the gyms. We will do our best to provide multiple plugs. The sockets may only be used for “harmless” things like charging cell phones, but not for “dangerous” things like electric cooking. For smartphone owners, we recommend bringing power banks or other mobile battery chargers.

Who keeps the gyms clean?

The Forum participants sleeping in the gyms are also responsible for cleaning. The gym managers coordinate the cleaning and everyone sleeping there should help.

Is it allowed to wear street shoes in the gym?

Street shoes must be taken off at the entrance of the gyms.

Are mattresses and sleeping bags provided?

No. Each participant has to bring everything he needs for the overnight stay himself.

Is the Forum Altötting or the Emmanuel Community liable for theft or damage?

No. The use of the gym is at your own risk. We recommend that you do not bring any valuables.

To whom can we say “thank you”?

The overnight gyms are usually provided by the town of Altötting and local schools. For this we say a sincere “Thank you”!

Do you have any other questions? Let us know!