Forum Altötting 2020

Woche vom 28.07.-02.08.2020


Teenieforum für 13- bis 17-Jährige

Jugendforum / Youth Forum



Theme groups 2019

One focus of the Forum program is the chance to spend time in small groups with other participants. Groups are themed around 14 different topics, but all are centered around faith and lifestyle. You choose your group based on your personal interests. Groups meet three times during the Forum. Each group is guided by a team from the Emmanuel Community. Topics and programs are very different, but all theme groups are guided by the principles of openness, exchange, and encounter. When you register, we ask you to choose which theme you’re interested in, but you’re also free to switch groups later.

Theme group topics: 

1. Choir jam

Join others who like to sing in a choir, rehearse Emmanuel songs, participate in the closing exhibition of the forum, and explore the relationship between faith and music.

2. Sport and enjoyment

For people who like to be physically active. Brings together sports, enjoyment, and the question of how God and faith make life unique. 

3. Art and creativity

Don’t feel like sitting around? Set yourself free on artistic projects, let yourself be surprised by the creative forces inside you, and learn something from God and others.

4. Relationship and partnership

Man and woman: a never-ending story! In a relaxed atmosphere with other couples (freshly in love, living together, engaged, married), discuss basic questions about relationships and faith. 

5. My family life

Exchange family stories, parenting experiences (as a couple or single parents), and discuss the Bible's reality in inspiring the personal search for family happiness.

6. Living with the Holy Spirit

As part of the forum, seek an intense encounter with the Holy Spirit and let it into your own life for a formative change through the power and love of God. 

7. Rest area: Prayer, silence and meditation

Shut down the buzz of my life to hear better: yourself, others, and God. Practical help on how to open up sources of power in your everyday life through prayer, silence, and Christian meditation.

8. Holiness - for people like you and me

Joy, jubilation, and holiness ... for Pope Francis, these fit together. What about for you? What do you associate with holiness, and what can help you walk the path to holiness in your everyday life? 

9. Rediscover faith

Who was Jesus? What is belief? Why is there the Church? This introduction to the central contents and foundations of the Christian faith gives suggestions for your own search for answers.

10. Rethinking politics

How can political debate be fruitful in the age of Twitter and media rants and raves? What is the right attitude to adopt in dealing with extreme positions left and right and the world’s new "strong leaders"? 

11. Adventure everyday

Career planning, family management, friends, hobbies, world politics, longing for fulfillment ... surviving everyday life is perhaps the greatest adventure that exists! What approaches to everyday challenges work best for bringing together fulfillment with Christian faith?

12. Living fairly

What motivates the Christian faith’s vision for an alternative way of life apart from ideological parties and social stereotypes? Discuss everyday, environmentally conscious, and sustainable ways to make a difference. 

13. Missions and the future of the local church

How can the local church best reach out beyond its own confines? An introduction to missions in the modern world, with practical examples from the Emmanuel Community. For those who are interested in missionary community work.

14. General sharing groups

If you are interested in short periods of exchange with other forum participants, you can participate in relaxed one-hour get-to-know-you sessions to meet new people and discuss what you experienced at the forum. 


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Termine 2020

Osterforum    (Jugendliche & junge Erwachsene): 09.04.-13.04.2020

25. Forum Altötting mit großem Internationalen Jugendforum: in der Woche vom 28.07.-02.08.2020

Volontärszeit Forum Alöttting ca. 19.07.-07.08.2020

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