Conditions of participation


The International Forum Altötting 2024 will be organised in various individual forums from 31 July and 1 to 4 August 2024 by the Gemeinschaft Emmanuel e.V. in cooperation with the City of Altötting.

  • 31 July – 04 August: Youth Forum
  • 31 July – 04 August: Teens Forum
  • 01 – 04 August: Children’s Forum
  • 01 – 04 August: Forum for adults and families


By accepting these conditions of participation, each participant declares:

  • He/she has completed the registration form truthfully and, in particular, has stated the correct age.
  • He/she is aware that the registration is only valid upon payment and, in the case of minors, upon presentation of the signed declaration of participation for minors.
  • He/she is aware that he/she may be excluded from the event without prior warning in the event of drug or excessive alcohol consumption or other serious misconduct.
  • He/she is aware that the organiser accepts no liability for loss of or damage to items.
  • He/she is aware that photos or video recordings may be made during the event and that these may be used to advertise future events on flyers, posters or on the Internet.
  • He/she is aware that the Gemeinschaft Emmanuel e.V. will store the personal data provided during registration and will draw attention to future events by letter or e-mail if you voluntarily answer “yes” to this question. The personal data will not be passed on to third parties. The use of data for advertising purposes by the Gemeinschaft Emmanuel e.V. can be cancelled at any time free of charge. Detailed information on data protection can be found here.
  • If children between the ages of 3 and 12 register, they also accept the conditions of participation of the children’s forum.

Conditions of participation Kids Forum

The kids forum is intended for children aged 3-12 whose parents participate in the adult and family forum.



  • A declaration of consent must be completed for each child (with any special requirements, such as allergies etc.).
  • The children’s forum is intended for children aged 3-12 whose parents attend the adult and family forum. The children’s forum is not a “children’s holiday”. For this reason, we are unable to accept external groups (e.g. ministry groups). In consultation with those responsible for the Children’s Forum, we can accept internal groups (e.g. from abroad) if it is guaranteed that at least 2-4 supervisors actively participate in the children’s programme.
  • School children’s forum: Attendance at the first school class as well as independent writing and reading is required.


Registration for the children’s forum (3-12 years)

  • Each child is registered in writing by the parent or guardian. They can be contacted by telephone on site at any time or are present on site in the event of an emergency.
  • Please register your child/children (3-12 years) after you have registered and paid at the registration stand as a “family or parent with child” at the “Children’s Forum Registration” stand provided for this purpose. Here you will receive detailed information about the Children’s Forum. When registering on site, only signed and fully completed consent forms will be accepted by the designated Children’s Forum registration service.
  • Only children who have been personally handed in by a parent can be accepted on site by the responsible carers. Our carers will keep an attendance list and make a note of each child. This is for the safety of the child. For this reason, children can only be handed over or collected by a person authorised in writing in exceptional cases.
  • In exceptional cases, a maximum of 2 “unauthorised” children per adult can be registered if this has been agreed with those responsible at the Children’s Forum at least 6 weeks before the start of the event.


Division into small groups

  • The programme has been specially adapted to the needs and abilities of the children according to their age. For this reason, the children are divided into appropriate age-colour groups (3-4= orange, 5-6= blue, 7-8= green, 9-10= yellow, 11-12= red) exclusively by those responsible at the Children’s Forum. In exceptional cases, please contact the person responsible for the toddler or school children’s forum (at least 4 weeks before the start).
  • In the case of “learning-delayed” children, please contact the person responsible for the children’s forum before enrolment (at least 4 weeks before the start).


Other points

  • We ask for your understanding that, for safety reasons, no pets are allowed in the children’s forum area.
  • To minimise the risk of injury, we ask that you do not bring any “children’s weapons” (slingshots, knives, sharp objects, etc.). We reserve the right not to admit children to our children’s forum if the above points have not been met or, in exceptional cases, if no prior agreement has been reached with those responsible.

    Conditions of participation Teens Forum

    The programme is intended for teens aged 13-17 whose parents are attending the adult and family forum. The duty of supervision during the forum lies with the parents or the supervisor authorised by the parents by means of an official written declaration of consent.

    The supervisors of the Teens’ Forum are not responsible for the actual participation of the teens in the programme during the entire Forum. The declaration of consent and confirmation from the parents can be found integrated in the registration process via the respective Teens ticket.