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The campsite in the garden of the monastery of St. Konrad, right next to the basilica, is only a few hundred meters from the Kapellplatz (the heart of our Forum). We are grateful that the Capuchin Brothers will open their doors for this Forum once again, making camping in their garden possible.

Questions and answers

What does the campsite look like?

The monks of St. Konrad allow us to use their walled garden as a campsite. It is only a few hundred meters from the Kapellplatz. The garden consists mainly of lawn. Large parts of the campground are exposed to the sun, but some trees provide shade. There is also shade along the outer wall, which makes the campsite a closed off area. Since the campsite is located in the town center and directly beside the monastery, it is important to respect other people’s sleep and be quiet during the night.

How can I register for the campsite?

The campsite belongs to the monastery of St. Konrad. The monks of St. Konrad open their doors to the forum participants. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, the Forum Office manages the campsite for the duration of the Forum. This also includes registration and campground fees. Registration for the campsite is possible with your online registration.

Are there any age restrictions?

No. The campsite is open to all Forum participants. For legal reasons, minors may only camp under the supervision of their guardians or with another supervisor who must be named in the “Declaration of Participation for Minors”. The “Declaration of Participation for Minors” form can be downloaded during the registration process.

Do I have to bring a tent?

Yes. The Forum Office does not provide tents.

What about caravans and motorhomes?

Caravans, motorhomes or residential containers cannot be provided. There are free parking spaces for caravans or motorhomes available in Altötting. However, these are in the responsibility of the town of Altötting.

Can a group set up their tents together?

Yes. On the marked campsite area, everyone can choose a place for his tent independently. Groups can therefore place their tents directly next to each other, as long as there is enough space. A responsible person helps on the campsite to ensure that everything is well organized.

Are toilets, showers and electricity available?

Yes. A sanitary building on the campsite offers three showers and three toilets for women, as well as two showers and three toilets for men (each with hot water). In a separate, protected area of the campsite sockets are available.

Are there benches on site or can they be brought along?

There is a protected area with tables and benches on the edge of the campsite. It has a capacity for 30 to 40 people and is open to everyone. Setting up additional tables and benches by groups must be approved by the Forum office.

Are parking spaces available?

A certain number of designated parking spaces is available on the campsite grounds. In the past, this space was sufficient. However, a parking space on the campsite cannot be guaranteed. Should there be no space left, you will have to look for free parking spaces outside of  the campsite.

Important: If you park on the campsite, you cannot use your car freely, as it is a closed off area. A special gate must be opened each time you enter and exit with your car. Therefore, all campers are requested to drive onto the campsite only once upon arrival and to leave the vehicles on the campsite until their departure.

Can the campsite be used one or two days in advance of the Forum?

If you would like to arrive a little earlier, you can contact the Forum office and ask whether this is possible.

To whom can you say "thank you"?

The Capuchins of St. Konrad open their doors and support the Forum Altötting in many ways. Having over a hundred tents in your own garden always means some work. That is why we wish to express our sincere gratitude to the monks of St. Konrad!

Do you have any other questions? Let us know!