Teenieforum für 13- bis 17-Jährige

Jugendforum Paray

für junge Leute (18-30)

Emmanuel Meeting - Extra


Special Guests Youth Forum 2017

Brian Heasley
Marco Blumenreich
Priest Band

Brian Heasley: Brian worked as a missionary in the red light districts of Ibiza. He is also the co-founder of the world wide known prayer movement: 24/7.

Marco Blumenreich, a Blind Man who Sees! A very impressiv testimony!

The PriestBand is a rockband of some priests. The band played during the World Youth Days. In Sydney the PriestBand performed just after the Saturday evening Vigil with the pope. An audience of 235.000 young people! Before, during the WYD in Cologne, they played at a smaller meeting with the youth and the Pope.

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Termine 2018

Forum Altötting: 02.-05.08.2018

Emmanuel Meeting Extra: 31.07.-02.08.2018

Volontärszeit in Altötting: 23.07.-10.08.2018

Fahrt zum Jugendforum nach Paray-le-Monial: 14.08.-19.08.2018

Osterforum     (Jugendliche & junge Erwachsene): 29.03.-02.04.2018



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